Wynstream Primary School

Burnthouse Lane, Exeter, EX2 6AY

Wynstream Primary School is located at Burnthouse Lane, Exeter, EX2 6AY. The school provides a multitude of exciting opportunities with its varied and interesting facilities for members of the public of all skills, hobbies and ages. Be it indoor sports, parties, adult learning or dance and drama performances, Wynstream Primary School is guaranteed to fit your needs.

Our dance and drama facilities can be used for performances and rehearsals but can also serve many other purposes such as children's birthday parties. If you are seeking a suitable venue for sports games, our sports hall and outdoor facilities provide an ideal space for your event to flourish.


Now taking bookings for fitness and exercise classes! Sports Hall and Outdoor Courts available for hire.

Facilities for meetings, conferences, adult learning are also available.

Contact Us now by email or telephone for availability and pricing!